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Okay, a few worlds regarding those transfer rumours.


I don’t like the fact that Mario is giving such an interview now (seriously, why bring even more disturbance into our already difficult CL situation by basically saying that he’ll be gone if we’re not playing CL in the future?), but apart from that, there’s nothing really new in there.


It’s pretty obvious that he is going to be one of the best footballers of the world if he doesn’t get injured or dramatically chances his attitude. And while BVB has been doing fantastic recently, we’re not one of the Top 5 clubs of the world, and probably never will be. So he won’t stay forever, and I don’t think anybody really expects him to.


He has a contract until 2014. Some people seem to think that this means he has to stay until 2014. Which is bullshit, basically. It would mean that we would let our best player go without getting any money for that. So Mario is going to leave latest in 2013. Maybe even in 2012, if he wants to, and if the club wants to. We should get used to that thought. (this goes for other players as well, btw).


But: Let’s all please keep in mind that unlike Nuri, he doesn’t have a buy-out clause. So he won’t be able to pull the same stunt Mr. “It’s my dream to play CL with BVB—oh, wait, actually I’m too good for you, gotta go, bye” did.  Mario’s not going anywhere right now, unless the bosses approve. Which they certainly won’t for the next transfer window, and if we keep our CL spot until the end of this season, there will not be many reasons for them to agree to a transfer in 2012. So there’s not really that much to worry about right now tbh.

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